A crowd inside me

Silent whispers, or deafening screams
A crowd inside me, beyond my wildest dreams
One, two, four, six, or seven, who can say?
The people inside, are here to stay

Some are greedy, some lovable, others scary
Some look great, while some smell like something’s not quite merry
My space is shrinking, it’s hard to breathe
The crowd’s questions, hard to leave

How long will I fight, how will I survive?
They tell me to stop fighting, just to stay alive
But I can’t help but wonder what the end will bring
How many will live, and how many will take the sting?

From the beginning, I’ve wondered what’s in the room
Will I make it to the end, or be left on the floor?
Silent or loud, the crowd inside me roars
What will happen when it finally pours?

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