Colors of me

Color of red
of my rage, my anger, my heart, and my hometown romance
something I left behind, something I’m holding
like a garden of roses with green grasses

color of green
of my trust, my acceptance, my hope, and my growth
some of them here and some of them left
like fallen seed starting to germinate

color of yellow
of my ecstasy, my joy, my serenity, and my strength
I fell for something, something fell for me
like a blue ocean field with purple gems

Color of blue
of my grief, my sadness, my pensiveness, and my rudeness
something doesn’t feel right, nothing feels wrong
like the color of the nude flower still hasn’t been chosen
so what will happen if I paint it all in black
like a corner of me, like under the depth of the root of a tree
how much color will go and how much will remain.

Colors can speak too——-

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