Surrealist body

I am a wonder of wonders,
With a surreal body, like no other.
A fish’s head, a snake’s tongue,
Bones of steel, and a hollow skin.

Stuck in the city of light,
On a beautiful, fairy-like night.
Drawn by a beautiful sound,
To a dancing lady, so gorgeous and profound.

I longed to be a part of that city,
Even though we didn’t look alike, it was pretty.
They had a human body, a pretty smile,
Full from the inside, and alive.

I ran away and hid in a heap of trash,
Cursing myself for my surreal body’s harshness.
I cursed those who called me a wonder,
Even my mother, who brought me into this world of thunder.

But then, I found a human-faced mask,
Wore it and felt a heavy smile, like something was beating inside, an unusual task.
I became a part of that city, and they became my family,
I accepted my fate, and I became alive again, after midnight’s insanity.

The city turned blind, and people peeled off their skin,
They too, had surreal bodies, and the truth was discovered within.
Now I head towards my world, where I belong,
A wonder of wonders, with a surreal body, but nevermore wrong.

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