Today’s child

Winter froze his eyes
time stopped and winds shut down

still, he roams freely though
but his heart is covered in black

no one noticed his forehead crinkle
it looks like they are lifting the burden of a horrible future pot

his tiny thoughts always run into his head
they seem to be doing fine
but who knows how many of them are alive

no one asks, no one talks
nobody shows, nobody wants
he looked at me with a broken smile
it felt like thorns piercing my eyes

I must be dreaming
he must be playing
it’s hard to say who is right and who is wrong

season changes one after another
but his night has never been warm

how long will it take us to find a path
how much time will it take us to talk
looks like he is asking me
but I have no answers
but I can’t say it out loud, please don’t ask.

Today’s generation is going into depression at an early age due to social media and society’s expectations. And the worst part is that people don’t want to talk about it.

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